Hello, everyone. Big news!

I applied to an incredibly selective Custom-Designed Major program at Drexel University’s Pennoni Honors College. I just found out today, December 17. 2012, that I’ve been accepted to this program with a $20,600 per year scholarship! 🙂

My major is a combination of heavy computer science, signal processing, music industry technology, and game development. Through the years I will be gaining lots of advanced skills like developing complex software and games, writing programs low and high level, digital signal processing (mostly in media), and composing and mixing professionally. I’ll be learning lots of other neat things, too.

If you’re curious, the major design can be found here:

Course List

Plans of Study

It’s a 5 year Bachelor of Science in something I haven’t really named yet. There are going to be 3 half-year paid full-time work positions that I’ll obtain through Drexel’s Cooperative Education Program that are in the sophomore, pre-junior, and junior years. My senior year rounds off with need-to-know business, some other credit fulfillment, and lastly but not least, my 3 Custom-Designed final projects specific to my major.

I’m very excited to be able to go through such a curriculum. It’ll be really fun, and to everyone who encouraged and supported me and my abilities, you’re the best. <3

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