[Game] Sole

Gossamer Games LLC

I’m doing the music for a game created by the studio Gossamer Games. It’s a very atmospheric full of subtle thematic figures to create the introspective narrative. A short concept trailer is provided below; more music to be released soon!


[Student Project – Film Music Replacement] Gundam Unicorn

Drexel University Music Industry Program

For MIP 382 – Scoring to Picture, I completely rescored a 13:31 segment from the high budget production OVA Gundam Unicorn. I love japanese composers; I can’t state it enough. Hiroyuki Sawano, the original composer for this anime, has a distinct style with a huge sound and memorable, elaborate melodies. I wanted to capture this style as the goal of this project to gain a meaningful skill by the end of it.


[Student Project – Film Audio Replacement] Die Hard

Drexel University Music Industry Program

For MIP 381 – Audio for Video, I and a partner did full sound replacement for this five minute clip from the film Die Hard. It demonstrates use of core film sound concepts in SFX, foley, ADR, and music editing.


[Animation] Spike

Matthew Mlodzienski

Spike is an animation created by my college friend, Matthew Mlodzienski, studying a degree in Animation and Visual Effects. It’s a short one minute animation showcasing a variety of skills. It was my first ever sound design project. All sounds used are processed and layered to fit together into a cohesive soundscape, and come from the Game Audio GDC special bundle from sonniss.com.

[Animation] Spikezilla

Matthew Mlodzienski

Spikezilla is a second animation using the titular character by my college friend, Matthew Mlodzienski, for his digital compositing project.


[Album] For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man ($9.99)

Capcom | OverClocked ReMix

I wrote an arrangement of “Meeting The Four Guardians” from the Mega Man Zero series for this album, sold commercially and produced in an official deal with Capcom and OverClocked ReMix. 21 high quality arrangements, 3 from each Mega Man series, written by various talented OverClocked ReMix artists. If you want to support me, you can buy the album here for $9.99 digital or $17.99 physical! If you buy the physical, it’s a high quality digipak (no fragile jewel cases), with gorgeous album artwork by rnn.amegamanrtwork