Greetings, my non-existent site visitors! Since you don’t exist, I feel no remorse in disappointing you with my lack of activity. So let’s get to it!

I’ve begun studying at Drexel University and I have completed my first term, where I studied introductory piano, music theory, ear training, and engineering/programming. This multi-disciplinary degree is REALLY sweet, and through constant plan revision, the possibility of a Mathematics minor becomes more and more viable. But enough about that!

Things have been going great! As far as music, I was featured on the OCR Megaman 25th Anniversary Album “For Everlasting Peace” with a Megaman Zero remix. I also completed a really bangin’ track for the new OCR Apex 2014 album coming out this January. Keep on the lookout, because it’s a popular source, and I did sweet, sweet justice to it.

I have a few small original WIP’s up, you can check them out on the Soundcloud music page.

In other news, I am now an official student member of the Game Audio Network Guild. I’m trying to go to GDC this year to max out my “pro student” status, but I’ll take what I can get. I’ve also acquired EWQLSO Gold edition, so I have a complete studio in terms of sounds and mixing/mastering utilities. Now, my focus is improving the quality of my composition and my networking.

I also started a blog, where I’ll be talking about games, music, maybe science/math stuff. Depends on how articulate I want to be. Check it out!

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