Hey, everyone, how’s it going?
It’s been quite a long time since my last update. Rather than get into a long story of my life, let me just highlight the cool stuff for you.

-Two new posted ReMixes:

OC ReMix #2478: Mega Man 9 ‘Blackout Tower’ [Plug Electric, Elec Man (MM1)] by Neblix
OC ReMix #2511: Impulse ‘Strange Rock in the Heavens’ [Stranger in the Alps, Element. Fog] by Neblix

Download links in the descriptions!

-Going to college next year, going to pursue a Custom-Designed Major in Computer Science & Audio Engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia. There I will learn lots of neat skills in music technology, computer science, signal processing, and game development. Going to also do lots of research work in their Music Tech Lab: http://music.ece.drexel.edu/met-lab

-Starting some fun new audio system related programming projects soon. Will brief in detail at a later date when I have something to show for it.

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