Ah, thanksgiving. A time when we all gather with our families to eat our own stomachs out with turkey and similarly themed items. But that’s not why I am excited for it. I am excited because of the following Friday: Black Friday. A day when products of all types endure a huge price slash. One of these products is a sampling engine called Kontakt 4. It is one of the most advanced and user friendly sampling engines developed and comes with a whopping 43 GB sample library. Kontakt 4 is normally $400, but for Black Friday, Native Instruments (the developer) turned it down to $200. I used my birthday and holiday money to purchase it, and now I am very happy. I’m definitely gonna see what kind of stuff I can crank out of it, especially since my electronica stage is wearing thin. I need to diversify my music, and getting a great highly rated sampling engine and sample library is a good start. I’ve done stuff with free soundfonts, but I’d like my music to not just be good, but sound good. To other musicians who are sadface because of their lack of quality samples: THE DEAL IS STILL ON, DUDEZ! Not only does Kontakt 4 come with a 43 GB sample library, but it is an engine used by many sample library developers like Impact Soundworks. NI also has additional sample library expansions for it, which means if you have more money, there is always room for expansion.

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