Here in my sophomore year of high school in 2011, I took a semester course on Music Production just to rack up some credits and get maybe recommended for an AP Music Theory course next year. We used stuff like GarageBand, Audacity, and Pro Tools. For my final project, I had to make a three song mash-up.

I did it in Pro Tools and the songs were:

Mindbender by zircon
Warhead by zircon
Back To Mad by Texas Faggot

I did some tempo and pitch shifting to keep it all consistent and just fitted the parts I liked best from the songs together via Pro Tools wav slicing.

The song is called “Mad Warbender” and is downloadable via link here:

Enjoy. All rights of the source material goes to their respective owners, of course. I can’t really take credit for much since all I did was put things together without adding my own touch, but I can say I enjoy this version as a type of club remix.

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