The Prelude – OCReMix by Neblix, aka Nabeel Ansari

I finally am an official OCReMixer! It’s a very prestigious title on OverClocked ReMix since it means you passed the quality standard. About 90% of OCReMix submissions are rejected, so it’s no small honor to be on the front page. (go to the remixes page here and click on the name to get sent to the OCR page to download and read the write up!)

I remixed the prelude back in August of 2010 and I’m proud of the piece. The production could be so much better and I could employ better transitions, but I’d rather leave it to show the kind of progress I’ve been making with my music! Enjoy the remix, guys, and expect more OCReMixes to come from me!


I have entered the Grand Robot Master Remix Battle of 2011! I have learned a lot these past years, so I’m aiming to rise as high as I can in this tournament. I want to face off in either the quarter finals or semi finals. That’s my goal, because if I get there, I get to battle it out with remixers that have come a long way honing their skill in remixing.

My robot master this time is Plug Man from Mega Man 9. Round 1, which started on May 21, 2011 (battle started during the end, amirite?), was against Xarnax42 as Knight Man. My computer wasn’t cooperating with the heavy musical elements I was throwing at it, but even though it choked, I managed to create a full sounding piece. I wasn’t able to polish it much, as I had to rush in time for submissions deadline, but I still prevailed. It has only been two days since the voting started and I have already scored a whopping 25 to 0 votes!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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