Hey guys!

No new content to show you today (*dodges wine bottles*) but I can share some life progress.

So I’ve been making friends online and one of them who favors my music has told me he may be able to include me on an opportunity for scoring a game. I don’t know many details or if this will actually follow through, but if it does, this will be my first commercial composing gig in my musical career. Fingers crossed!

My school year is wrapping up and I’m getting ready to enter Drexel. I’m taking some science/math classes on Coursera.org and I’m also studying for the AP Calculus BC, Physics C: Mechanics, and Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism exams that are due in 2-3 weeks.

I’m starting to feel the crunch, but once that’s over, my life is free. I’ll be picking up some mixing projects on OverClocked Remix (Like FF5 and another one I can’t talk about ;D ) in a couple months, and if I catch that gig, I’ll be busy with that too.

As for as programming work is concerned, my C++ class at school is nearing its end and we’re going to start final project proposals soon. I’m thinking to create a synthesizer from scratch. Not one that is so simple with two oscillators and a filter, I’m looking to add useful features in it to test my early DSP knowledge. In sight for this synth, it would definitely include a few oscillators and maybe a couple filters. I’ll also try and implement a simple reverb and/or delay algorithm. Maybe if I have time and motivation, I’ll begin it as work on a larger project I want to have done: an open source modular synthesizer. Details on that will come later when I’m closer to wanting to start it.

That’s all for now. If you haven’t checked out my music yet, you’re missing out!

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