It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.

You may recall (or scroll down two posts) I was in a Megaman X remixing competition and I won the first round a while back. I was in the middle of mixing versus a guy named “prophetik” and his maverick was Cyber Peacock. When the voting stage started, things were looking very close, but in the end, he won by a few votes. I wasn’t as disappointed as relieved because I did not have to continue placing so many things to do on my shoulders. But I digress, and here’s the remix:

Mainframe Under Siege
I went a DnB route with some sizzlin solos and chromatically descending chords and then transitioning into some funky breakbeat dance track before going back to the original soundscape. The sound wasn’t as fat or clear as I wanted to be, but it was pretty damn good for just a day and a half of work. I wasn’t surprised I lost, but my skill level definitely did increase. I could probably fix a lot of things since this was a month ago.

Also, I revised the layout of my music section because I’m getting ready to post up some of my stuff, so stay tuned!

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