Grand Maverick Remix Battle Update:

My first opponent went by the name of Chernabogue. His maverick was Duff McWhalen from Mega Man X5, and my job was to remix his theme and my maverick’s theme into one track. This was three weeks ago when my mixing period started. The voting period started a week and a few days after (a deadline extension was granted to some people who couldn’t get their mixes done or sent on time).

This one was really nice; it was made in a synth rock style. All the leads and various counter melodies were in synthesizers, but I also personally performed the wah and rhythm guitars. I enjoy this one, and I had no doubts that it was going to win. I defeated Chernabogue with a vote count of 22-7 and his mix was some sort of blend between xylophone solos and orchestral rhythms. It was quite interesting to listen to.

The mix can be found here: .


Now in Round 2, I’m fighting a guy named prophetik. His maverick is Cyber Peacock from Mega Man X4, and my mixing period ends tomorrow noon. I will post the mix and results after the voting period is over in a week.

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