Last year, my brother Shariq (better known as DarkeSword) started a competition on OverClocked ReMix called the Grand Robot Master Remix Battle. The concept was pretty nice; it was to choose the music of one of the main eight stages in Megaman games 1-9 (and Rockman and Forte). Once the music was chosen, he would make match ups and you would have to “battle” your opponent. This meant that you used both your own robot master’s theme and his in one remix. There would be a one week voting period, and then the mixes would be released for download while the public voted on who had the better remix. Losers went to the revenge bracket to get a second shot at moving up, while winners continued to fight other winners. I entered this competition remixing the Galaxy Man theme from Megaman 9, but none of my remixes were good until my last two rounds. Even then, they had a long way to go to be good quality. I had won the first round, lost the second, won the revenge round, but lost the second.

This year, it’s the same exact thing, except for the Megaman X series games. Thus, it is called the Grand Maverick Remix Battle. I entered this competition with a whole plethora of new skills like synthesis, mixing & mastering, and drum programming, so I’m ready to bring my game to the max as I face off against some really good and well known remixers on OCR. I’m ready, and so is my maverick: Dr. Izzy Glow, from my Mega Man X5. Stay tuned and I’ll post these mixes up as I enter them!

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