Sole (OST) - Coming OCt. 16th!

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by Nabeel Ansari

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Nabeel Ansari was born and raised in suburban New Jersey. He first interacted with music creation when he was 10 years old. He honed his skills throughout his high school years in VGM fan-community OverClocked ReMix, and went on to attend Philadelphia's Drexel University to study music and mathematics.

Now based in Columbia, MD, he produces an eclectic blend of musical colors in an ever-evolving melting pot of organic and electronic flavors. He lives with his cats and spends his work hours as a music technology software developer for Impact Soundworks.

Addicted to chasing the novel and new, always hungry for learning new styles and sounds, he believes in one principle: all of music is a singular, unified human experience, an experience which contains a boundless spectrum of diverse expressions.


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